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Give Back to Catholic Schools

Whether you’re a graduate of Catholic schools or a member of a parish, whether you’ve got some spare change or an afternoon free, YOU can make a difference to the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston’s Catholic schools.

Donate to DWC Catholic Schools

Your simple cash donation of any amount is always greatly appreciated.

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For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be…Much will be required of the person entrusted with much.

– Luke 14:25-33

Planned Gifts and Endowments

Outright Gifts

Gifts of Cash or Appreciated Securities to the annual fund or designated fund. For gifts of appreciated securities, please contact the Diocesan development office at (304) 233-0880 Ext. 263 to receive your stock instruction sheet.

Endowment Gifts

Each school in the Diocese has an endowment fund in the West Virginia Catholic Foundation. Your gift of cash, securities or any deferred gifts can enhance the long-term stability of the school. The most successful educational institutions have a strong endowment program at its core. For more information, visit

Tuition Assistance

Each Catholic school in the Diocese has a tuition assistance program, whereby families who cannot pay full tuition benefit from the generosity of others in the community.

Planned Gifts

Whether to benefit the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston in its overall school administration, or as a bequest to support an individual school or parish, the preferred method of giving a planned gift is through the West Virginia Catholic Foundation. Types of planned gifts include:

  • A bequest through your will
  • A gift of life insurance
  • Inclusion in a charitable trust
  • The creation of a charitable gift annuity

Before making any estate commitment or planned gift, please refer to your tax planner or financial and legal services provider. To learn more about planned giving instruments, visit the Catholic Foundation website’s Planned Giving Reading Room at

Diocesan-Level Giving

At the Diocesan level, there are a variety of opportunities for individuals, families, corporations and foundations to support the legacy of Catholic education in West Virginia, including making gifts to the:

  • Great Futures Fund, supporting Catholic schools initiatives both at the individual school level and Diocesan-wide
  • Technology Integration, bringing the newest technology and science into the curriculum of our Catholic schools
  • Diocesan Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), helping everyone afford a Catholic education
  • Annual Bishop’s Dinner for Catholic Schools, recognizing individuals and organizations which have performed extraordinary services for the schools, as well as the achievements of one child per school
  • General Endowments, for perpetual support of all 32 schools

For more information about any of these giving options or to make your gift, please contact:

Krissie Benson
Director of Stewardship & Development 
888-434-6237 ext. 259

Short on Money, Long on Talent?

Several opportunities exist to contribute your time and talents at your local school or for the district as a whole.  Certainly, with your skills and your interests we could find the perfect way for you to contribute. We have so many need areas, and a group of really wonderful parents and community members who have already pitched in. To get involved, please contact our department’s star support staffer, Donna Clark, at or 304-233-0880 ext. 316, and she will work with you to find the best opportunity to fit your unique skills.

The department, headquartered in Wheeling, is specifically interested in those with training in religious education, academics, technology, finance, marketing, governance, policy, or development.  

Everyone is welcome to pitch in at their local parish school, and we are always in need of classroom assistance, coaching, carpentry, plumbing, field trip organizers,.. the list goes on!  Contact your school’s secretary and he or she will certainly be excited to hear from you!

Catholic Sharing Appeal

The Catholic Sharing Appeal (CSA) is a direct diocesan-wide appeal that provides income for diocesan ministries, catholic charities, diocesan schools, and donors’ individual parishes.

The appeal begins in the parish, where 50% of total donated funds will remain. The other 50% goes to the diocese to be distributed among various diocesan ministries.

Catholic Education receives 15% of all funds donated to the Catholic Sharing Appeal and is a magnificent addition to our operating funds.

Examples of the good we are able to do with CSA funds:

  • Support Mathematics Enrichment programs
  • Provide immunizations
  • Cover field trip costs for disadvantaged students
  • Support anti-bullying campaigns
  • Provide healthy school lunches
  • Offer CPR Training programs for teachers
  • Plan for future special needs and gifted educational programs
  • Purchase microscopes for biology labs
  • Maintain elementary school playgrounds
  • Purchase defibrillators for all schools
  • Remove toxic materials from older school buildings

The Catholic Sharing Appeal embraces the charitable, spiritual and educational needs of thousands of individual families, helping to unite our various parishes into one diocesan family.