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Happy Catholic Schools Week!
If you want to do a good deed – teach a child. If you want to do something holy – teach a child. “Truly, now and for the future, among holy things, this is the holiest.” St. John Bosco.


Being back in school allows our science classes to return to hands-on experiences! Ms. Bilal’s Chem 1 Honors class began working on a lab to find the levels of phosphorus in plant food, while Mr. Colabrese’s Bio 2 class had the opportunity to dissect some clams. #itsanewdon


#KYGoDigital Here is the examples of the #elementary choice board I created if you want to copy and edit it to work with your students. https://docs.google.com/document/d/12KwGwux1xCuZweYzynikRzkelNjkr9TjcT_nv10KOac/edit

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2019 Catholic Schools Week

See photos from our schools around the diocese!

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