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A prayer for @CCHS_Knights teachers and teachers everywhere as we begin Teacher Appr. Wk. I have seen the lengths our dedicated teachers will go to to challenge, support, and care for our students. “Educating is an act of love; it is like giving life.”-Pope Francis @NCEATALK

The "One Mission, One Day" giving page for Notre Dame is now open at: http://onemissiononeday.org/organizations/notredamewv
Thank you to Ken & Julie Frosch, Roy & Marsha Skinner, and Rick & Alexa Rinschler for their donations. Can you spot the Notre Dame students in this video?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1SX0UBDDck&t=29s

Join Mrs. Granato on Tuesday, May 5th and help our students by making a gift at http://onemissiononeday.org!

We are looking for 65 donors in celebration of our 65th year. Gifts of any size will make a difference! #weirtonmadonna #madonnabluedons #bluedonpride #onemissiononeday

Join Bishop Mark Brennan in supporting Catholic education on May 5th. YOU can make a difference! #OneMissionOneDay https://youtu.be/IVOlhKMwdYw

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2019 Catholic Schools Week

See photos from our schools around the diocese!

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